We buy and sell pottery by Maria Martinez and her family for the last 30 years. We are always purchasing collections or single pieces. We have handled some of Maria Martinez most famous work. We also specialize in Tony Da paintings and pottery. We always have a selection of Tony Da pottery for sale.

Tony Da pottery and painting of Maria Martinez

Left:Tony Da (1940-2008) – San Ildefonso Avanyu Jar with Turquoise Right:Tony Da – San Ildefonso Avanyu Jar with TurquoiseTony Da – Drawing of Maria Martinez

Tony Da was a well-respected artist during his lifetime and showed in many Santa Fe galleries. While he was best known for his pottery, which brings in some of the highest prices for Pueblo Pottery.  Tony Da thought of himself as a painter, more artist than potter.
Tony Da learned to pot from his grandmother Maria Martinez and fire his pottery from his father Popovi Da. It is estimated that Tony Da made four hundred and fifty pots in his lifetime, thus making his pot very rare.
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