Maria Martinez and Family Pottery History

Maria Martinez and Family Pottery


Left to right: Maria Martinez & Popovi Da  – San Ildefonso Black on Black Pottery Bowl with Avanyu Design, Maria Martinez & Julian Martinez – San Ildefonso Polychrome Pictorial Tile with Eagle Dancer, Maria Martinez – San Ildefonso Black on Black Geometric Design Pottery Vase, Tony Da  – San Ildefonso Bear with Turquoise, Tony Da – San Ildefonso Sienna Black on Black Avanyu Pottery Jar with Four Kingman Turquoise Stones

Maria Martinez the San Ildefonso potter is considered to be the most famous Pueblo potter.  She worked with her husband Julian who was a renowned painter and who invented black on black pottery.  After Julian’s death in 1943 she worked with her daughter-in-law Santana Roybal whose brother was the well known silversmith and painter Awa Tsireh (Alfonso Roybal). in 1956 she started working with her son Popovi who invented sienna pottery and was the first to inlay turquoise into pottery.  Popovi brought back the early polychrome pottery as well as fired in red, he passed in 1971.  His son Tony Da who learned pottery making from his father and Maria Martinez is one of the most sought after potters in today’s pueblo pottery market.

Maria also worked by herself and would sign her pots Poh ve ka.  Maria pottery has sold at auction for as much as $225,000 and is considered to be one of the great Native American artists of the 20th century, she has pieces in the White House collection.
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